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Driving B2B sales with targeted content.

01 CASE STUDY Overview

Roaming Technologies provides rugged hardware to business nationally.

The business knew that in order to grow they needed to compete with much bigger brands. Having identified an opportunity in the market, Roaming Technologies used a content-led approach to search engine marketing to drive growth in the volume and quality of B2B sales leads via their website. Content is targeted, integrated with SEO and SEM activities, and focused on rugged technologies, which is a much ignored niche within the technology market. Content has helped Roaming Technologies build visibility, trust and influence in the category. As a result, the business has seen sustainable growth in website traffic and sales leads. Roaming Technologies is an excellent case study in the power of content marketing. 

  • 248% SALES LEADS

Roaming Technologies
Strategy, Experiences, Marketing, eCommerce
2012 - present
02 The Challenge

Roaming Technologies goal was to increase sales leads via their website.

Roaming Technologies provides rugged hardware to businesses and industries around Australia. Their goal was to increase the number of sales leads via their website and grow their online presence. The challenge was the business had low brand recognition and struggled with the competitiveness of search engine rankings. 

03 Our Approach

We saw an opportunity to use content to build visibility and trust.

Our approach was to help the business be present at moments of customer intent, as well as build brand trust by developing a loyal following online.

Purchasing rugged hardware is a high-consideration decision, but there’s little content online to support the buying process. With a strong belief in the power of content marketing, we started creating regular articles based on frequently asked questions around rugged hardware. These articles were then amplified via email marketing to a small engaged database, adding another touchpoint with the brand. 

In the background, we were taking the businesses best-selling products and writing unique product copy to compete for Google first page rankings. 

The content was supported with ongoing pay per click (PPC) Google Ads to ensure the business was appearing at the top of the page for relevant searches, until organic search engine rankings started to appear. 

Finally, we set up goal tracking on the website to measure and optimise the volume and quality of enquires coming through to the sales team. 

04 The Outcome

Consistent quality content has enabled Roaming Technologies to compete with much bigger brands.

Roaming Technologies has earned the top three organic and paid rankings for high search volume products, frequently beating manufacturers such as Getac and Panasonic. In the past 12 months, traffic has risen by 55%, including a 48% increase in organic traffic. More importantly they’ve seen a 248% increase in sales leads over the same period. 

  • 248% SALES LEADS

The business continues to develop its content-led approach as it looks to new an innovative opportunities to grow its national footprint.  

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