We don't usually talk about ourselves. But since you asked. 

Why clue

Digital experiences to help brands grow.

Our purpose is to help ideas thrive. Working as an extension of your team, we use data and insight to create meaningful digital experiences and drive growth. No matter how big your ideas are, our multidisciplinary team of marketers, designers and developers have the experience to help them thrive.



  • 15m Lines of Code
  • 100% GOOD HUMANS

Our Values

Our values define our actions and inform our culture.



We're a curious bunch who love to learn new stuff. Whether it's about our craft, a new sector or target audience, we actively seek and share knowledge.



Our clients work with us because we're pretty good at what we do. We apply our knowledge to deliver excellence, be it in CX, marketing ROI or software. Bill and Ted are also role models. 



Innovation means different things to different people. For us innovation means always applying advances in technology and marketing in new and interesting ways.



Producing excellent work requires us to push one another. This isn't possible without trust. We also value building real trust with partners by doing what we say and delivering results.



Excellence and innovation are most likely to be the result of strong partnerships. We value building long-term client partnerships and working as an extension of their team.



Grit is the x-factor quality you'll find in each member of our team. It's what makes us always push for better results and go the extra mile for our partners.

Our Story

We've grown up alongside the internet and popular culture.


This internet thing is going to be BIG.

Clue founder, Michael Craig, recently finished high-school and liked playing with computers. More businesses were asking him to build their website. It was a clue. Michael made it official and founded the company in 1997.


We build our cloud based platform, Mintox.

Many won't remember, but content management systems were pretty rough before 2005. Michael saw an opportunity to make them better. The result was Mintox (yes, that is an 80's reference).


We rebrand and move to new Perth office.

While Facebook was launching in 2004 around US college campuses, Clue was moving onto bigger and better things. 


Digital marketing is the future. 

It was still the early days of digital marketing (as in MySpace was still a thing), but it was obvious it was the future.


The business evolves alongside the internet  

We were a pretty well established digital agency by 2012, and fortunate to work with a number of national brands across health, retail and resource sectors.




What the f@ck can we say about 2020

Seriously, what a year. It has however been great to see many clients have their best sales months mid-pandemic as a result of having built solid platforms and developed a great brand expereinces. 

Our Partners

Independent agency, growing brands online since 1997.

Founding Partner
Michael Craig
Jon Turner
Harly Salim
Social Impact

Good humans, good business.

We believe that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive. Business plays an increasingly important role in realising the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We’re passionate about helping not-for-profits, institutions and socially minded businesses, supporting them professionally and through pro-bono support. 

Image: Jimmy Walsh


Looking for a clue?

How cool would it be if baked a puzzle into this website. The prize a mystery. Clues hidden throughout. A quest calls to those who are listening.

Where it will lead I cannot say. Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.