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We’re always on the lookout for talent and often get enquiries about working at Clue. This article covers some of the reasons our team chose to work at Clue, what types of people we’re looking for, and tips on getting a job. 

I like to think there are a bunch of reasons, and everyone is different, so I asked the team. These were our top answers!

International Clients & Travel

As a Perth-based agency, we’re fortunate to work with several international clients. These include brands-based fashion, fitness, and global not-for-profit organisations. This means staff have plenty of opportunities to travel for work and play on an international stage. 

This month three of our team spent a week in Bali with The Lindenberg, a German hotel group who we’re working with to develop a new marketing strategy and website. 

“Not going to lie, I never expected to work with so many international clients and well-known brands while based in Perth. We’re really lucky to work with clients in Asia, Germany, New Zealand, the UK and US. Even more so when we get to travel for work!”- Catherine Davis, Digital Designer

The Clue team in Bali at Lost Lindenberg to talk marketing and website design  The Clue team in Bali at Lost Lindenberg to talk marketing and website design 2

The Clue team in Bali at Lost Lindenberg to talk marketing and website design.


We Love Ecommerce

Everyone at Clue loves ecommerce and has a particular passion for everything beach related, including swimwear. We are lucky to indulge this passion by working with brands such as Sommer Swim, Palm Swim, Wild & Pacific, and Kamari Swim, to name a few. 

Not that we’re limited to swimwear, we also partner with national retailers in categories such as technology, hobbies, health, and beauty. Suffice to say, if you’re into ecommerce then you’re probably a good fit.

There’s no denying I love to shop, but my love affair with ecommerce truly started when seeing how a first-class digital experience and data-smart marketing helped a client double their revenue with multimillion dollar growth in under a year...

Clue has given me the opportunity to turn a hobby into my everyday life…. Name a better way to spend your day?” - Monica Campbell, Senior Account Manager. 

Image from Sommer Swim's Summer '23 collection, Arabesque. Check out more images from the campaign here

Work with Purpose

Our team is also passionate about working with purpose and having a positive social impact. Some people find it odd that an agency with such a deep connection to fashion, beauty, and health brands is equally comfortable working with many of Australia’s most impactful not-for-profits… but we are. 

A highlight of this year was helping raise over $2 million for Ukrainian refugees and long-term partnership with not-for-profit health insurer HIF. We’ve also recently worked with organisations such as:

If you care about purpose-led work and helping not-for-profit organisations have greater impact and grow, I can’t think of a better place to work.

One of my highlights is working with the Emergency Action Alliance to support humanitarian relief for Ukrainian refugees.The national campaign raised over $2 million which allowed member organisations, such as UNHCR, Oxfam, and 13 other international development agencies to provide food, water, and shelter to those most in need... 

It’s pretty cool and humbling to find yourself working on such large-scale national campaigns. At the same time, it’s great to work with local charities such as Cancer Council WA, seeing the direct impact you’re having, supporting the West Australian community.”  - Georgia Parentich, Account Manager & Strategist.


Television commercial for the Ukraine appeal we wrote and produced within 48 hours. Video editing and voice over by Paul Curran and Logic Films.


Human-Centred Culture

We enjoy doing good things with good people, meaning staff, and clients.

I describe our culture as human-centred because people are the heart of everything we do, from team members, to clients and their audiences. 

By ensuring our culture is focused on people and building personal relationships, we can create a great place to work, are good partners, and can deliver remarkable work that helps our clients have a greater impact and grow.  
Our culture is based around three things:

  1. Optimising for value creation - for each other and clients: I believe value is a lead indicator for any business. When a business is creating value, revenue will come. Likewise, if we’re producing good work and building Clue’s brand, each person in our team will be better positioned to chase their dream jobs. This is an attractive proposition for someone looking to build their career.
  2. Committing to continuous improvement in every area: Our attitude is about always asking how we can do something better as individuals and as a team. By asking this question, we remove binary judgments such as success or failure, and create a psychologically safe space. The net result is we improve each day which supports increased value creation. This isn’t to the detriment of regularly recognising and celebrating what we’ve achieved - that’s important too 😊
  3. Individuals and teams work the way they need to win: Not everybody is the same. We all need different things to be successful. Our priority is to achieve our business goals which is more important than enforcing uniformity in how everyone works. So, we encourage individuals and teams with the flexibility to work however and where best helps. Maybe that means working remotely, on a bean bag in the back of the office with headphones on, or starting later in the day. When working as part of a team, we agree the team’s needs come before the individual ones. 

Our culture is critical to our continued growth so we value people who will positively add to our team. Being a good cultural fit isn’t about being the same as everyone else. Rather it’s about bringing complementary skills and perspectives to the team. 

“What I’ve noticed the most is how the team pushes you in the best way possible, and encourages you to always be learning new things...

Want to try something new? Say the word and there’s always going to be someone there to help you follow to your passions and help you learn. Work aside, I’ve also met the coolest bunch of people that I genuinely enjoy spending time with". - Nadya, Digital Strategist

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Getting a Job at Clue

We’re always on the lookout for talent and love to hear from anyone who’s passionate about what they do and can add value to the team. 

We do advertise for specific roles from time to time, but prefer to hire through personal networks. The best way to get a job at Clue is to reach out online, email me, or introduce yourself to anyone from the Clue team at an event around town.

Roles we hire for
We hire for a bunch of roles across account management, strategy, design, and digital marketing. Some of those roles best suit generalists, whereas others are more specialised (e.g. SEO or media buying). 

In the coming months we’ll be hiring a digital marketing team member and an account executive. 

Types of people we look for
I’d describe each person working at Clue as being ambitious, smart, kind, and curious. Every person also brings something a little different to the team, be it their skills, personality, and experience. We’re a diverse workplace so always keen to add new perspectives to the mix. 

Tips for getting a job at Clue
The best tip I can give is to let us know that you’re interested - in person, through social media, or email. I’d love to see your resume and portfolio (for designers). When an opportunity comes up, we’ll reach out for a chat and go from there. 

“I wanted a job in marketing, but not anywhere. I came across Clue and immediately knew that was where I wanted to go. Because I haven’t finished my undergrad degree, I couldn’t just send my CV and hope for the best. I really wanted it, knew I had something to offer, and made it happen by reaching out. It’s now been 6 months and I feel incredibly honoured to be surrounded by extremely talented people and being part of such an amazing team...

And here’s one of the TikTok’s I’ve had fun creating...” - Paula Ortiz, Digital Marketing Executive

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Sound like you? Send your resume and a brief introduction to stephen@clue.com.au 

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