CASE STUDY / Burch Family Wines

Wine group moves ahead with integrated ecommerce experience.

01 CASE STUDY Overview

Burch Family Wines is renowned for its premium wines.

Burch Family Wines is located in Western Australia’s South West region, the company has five sub-brands including, Howard Park Wines, Madfish Wines, Murchand & Burch and Strait Jacket Wines. 

Burch Family Wines were looking to merge five well-established websites into one system. Streamlining its multi-faceted operations, allowed the company to control online sales, accounting and customer details from one convenient location.

Burch Family Wines
Experiences, Ecommerce 
02 The Challenge

Wine group moves ahead with integrated ecommerce experience.

Each of the five sub-brands had its own website, separate ordering systems, data bases and content management systems. Dealing with a myriad of systems was costly and inefficient for the company who sought a streamlined system that would synchronise its multi-faceted operations. 

Our objective was to merge Burch Family Wines’ five well-established websites into one system, giving the company the capability to control online sales, accounting and customer details from one convenient location.

03 Our Approach

We created a unified brand experience, and integrated ecommerce store.

The existing websites received considerable traffic, so merging all five into one meant considerable risk from a SEO and user experience perspective. 

Maintaining separate brand identities of Burch Family Wines was vital to attracting customers to the new website. Through wireframing and user initial round of user testing and experience optimisation. 

This carried through to the information architecture, which was designed for people visiting the site to easily find what they were looking for. 

With further design concepts and user testing Burch Family Wines confidently progressed into development. 

Using what we learned in user testing, as well as applying best practices in ecommerce, we implemented a secure online shopping experience. The ecommerce experience was fully integrated with the Burch’s inventory management system, data warehouse, and booking system.

04 The Outcome

The website unified the house of brands together under the Burch Family Wines master brand.

Sub-brands were presented in a consistent way whilst allowing for their respective brand personalities to shine through. Equally important was the cost savings, which were the result efficiencies created through the new streamlined experience which integrated and automated a number of key processes. Ultimately the site enabled the business to provide and improved customer experience in an efficient and scalable package that’s supported continued growth.  

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