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Reinventing healthcare professionals as industry leaders. 

01 CASE STUDY Overview

The Orthodontists are orthodontic specialists with over 135 years of combined experience. 

With clinics located in Booragoon, Subiaco, and Broome, The Orthodontists are renowned for their knowledge and incorporation of contemporary technologies, ensuring every patient receives the most advanced treatment. With a multi-channel approach we brough a winning digital strategy to life. 

  • 1,691%TRAFFIC
  • 187%TIME ON-SITE

The Orthodontists
Strategy, Experiences, Marketing
2017 - present
02 The Challenge

The Orthodontists saw an opportunity to use digital to reinvent their brand.

In 2017, The Orthodontists approached Clue to help them increase brand awareness and establish themselves as industry leaders. The challenge was The Orthodontists were well known via word-of-mouth, but not easily discoverable online. Modernising their brand and digitalising their business was the first step

"With such strong branding, we knew The Orthodontists would see outstanding results online."

Monica Campbell Digital Marketing Strategist
03 Our Approach

The launch of a clear strategy and tailored marketing campaigns set to win.

We started with a Clue discovery to define a clear overarching digital strategy, a game plan to win. Workshop one helped us understand the current state and the desired future state for The Orthodontists. We then created a simplistic logo that reflected The Orthodontists tagline “Start your journey to a better smile”, as well as reinforced their brand values as friendly, trusted, and professional health specialists.  Bringing the new look and feel to life involved launching the game plan and pursuing their growth mindset.

Ongoing digital marketing campaigns using a multi-channel approach were a part of the digital strategy. To increase brand awareness, we implemented local search engine optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising (Google Ads) to help support overall search engine optimisation. While SEO was working in the background, PPC worked in parallel to help customers discover The Orthodontists on the first page.

To establish The Orthodontists as industry leaders we used a content-led approach. Monthly blog articles were uploaded to the blog on the website and amplified via social media advertising. Using SEO best practises and topics that supported the customer journey, we saw an increase in quality traffic coming to the website and on-site goal completions. Back linking and remarketing techniques were introduced after the initial pilot to build authority and drive users down the sales funnel faster.

04 The Outcome

Now one of Western Australia's most recognised orthodontic clinics. 

The project has resulted in The Orthodontists being one of the most recognised orthodontic clinics in Western Australia. Within one year users on the site increased by 1,691%, and the time users spent on the site increased by 187%. Organic traffic has grown immensely since the launch of the site. The Orthodontists now average 17,199 monthly users. The more recent search interest in specific orthodontist’s names further emphasises their presence online as industry leaders.

Google ads has continued to show strong results. Year-to-date the ads have generated over 2,000 conversions. Continual optimisation of the campaigns has helped to increase the ad click-through-rate by 568% year on year, to an average of 11%, indicating that the ads are more effective and relevant to what users are searching.


Refining our bidding strategies, we have reduced the average cost-per-click by 7.47% to help The Orthodontists get more traffic and clicks for their budget.

This two-fold digital strategy has dramatically increased The Orthodontists discoverability online. Their combination of paid, top ranking organic listings, and multiple local citation listings has helped them cover maximum real estate on the search engine results page.

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