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HIF takes fresh approach to content marketing.

01 CASE STUDY Overview

HIF are an award-winning not-for-profit health fund. 

Google's algorithm changes in 2017-18 called for a new approach to content marketing for HIF. By implementing a long-term content strategy HIF have seen major improvements to their rankings and organic readership. 

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02 The Challenge

HIF needed to adapt its approach to content marketing following Google update.

When Google changed the way, it indexed content in 2017, HIF knew it had to change its approach to content marketing. The update created issues around content relevancy. The challenge was a lot of the content on the blog wasn’t directly relevant to HIF’s insurance products. An example of this was recipes on the blog, while the recipes were relevant content for the target audience, it sent confusing signals to Google’s index that HIF is about cooking/ recipes, not health insurance.  

We were quick to respond and began no indexing the irrelevant blog content and removing all internal blog linking. These changes resulted in significant improvements to overall organic rankings for the HIF main site, but this wasn’t a long-term fix for the blog content. A new strategy had to be defined. 

03 Our Approach

The goal was a long-term strategy to build visibility, trust and drive organic growth.

We wanted a long-term strategy that would help drive organic growth. The chosen approach was to silo the blog content and move it onto a separate sub-domain, The HIF Healthy lifestyle Blog, which mitigated the issue of relevancy. We updated the UI and UX, which helped improve levels of engagement and increase the time users spent on the site.

We ran an initial content workshop to discover the types of content that would continue to cut through and resonate with HIF’s target audience. Keyword research and content mapping was completed prior to production of articles. 

The content produced on the blog was supported with ongoing Facebook amplification to expand our audience and drive traffic back to the HIF blog. Backlink building initiatives were brought in to help build authority and signal to Googles index that the HIF’s content is quality. 

04 The Outcome

Content has helped build visibility and trust in the brand, plus grow organic traffic.

Within one year of the HIF Healthy lifestyle blog launching, HIF saw a 144% increase in traffic to the sub-domain and a 195% increase in organic traffic. Year to date the blog continues to bring in high volumes of visitors and is currently sitting at a 123,771 organic visitors YTD. The blog is currently ranking for 29 thousand organic keywords and has large backlink profile.  

  • 144%SESSIONS

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