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Aussie skincare brand supercharges sales with digital advertising.

01 Case Study Overview

The Secret Skincare increased its revenue by over 22% with targeted Google and social media ads.

The Secret Skincare answered a gap in the industry by curating a product that perfectly complements its user, rather than trying to squeeze them into a one-size-fits-all formula.

After launching The Secret Skincare's bespoke eCommerce presence, the next step was to enhance organic results by investing in a targeted marketing strategy to elevate their visibility and increase sales.

  • 22% increase in overal revenue
  • 52% increase in total web sessions
  • 37.5% total sales from paid ads

The Secret Skincare
Strategy, Digital Marketing, eCommerce
02 The Challenge

There's a rising demand for alternatives within the beauty industry, and after tapping into this market with game-changing skincare products, The Secret's new challenge was to address well-positioned competitor brands.

The Secret approached Clue with a larger budget and our task was to create an efficient and effective digital advertising strategy to implement in a fast-paced environment, where there's no one-size-fits-all solution, just like skin care.

03 Our Approach

Having the destination clearly defined, we drew up a strategy to pave The Secret's way into competing with larger brands. The strategy consisted of three stages:

1. Keyword search: We ran a detailed keyword search to identify high-value audiences within The Secret's niche in the beauty industry.

2. Communications plan: We found that prospects often search by their skincare concerns and not by specific products through the keyword search. This led to developing a communications plan to target those decisive moments during the user's purchasing journey.

3. Social media and Google Ads: To augment visibility at moments of intent and increase the likelihood of conversion, we produced Google and social media ads, and implemented retargeting and ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) initiatives.

04 The Outcome

The Secret saw results within the first three months. Moreover, by the end of June 2022, the overall revenue increased by over 22%, with the total number of web sessions also increasing by over 52%. The game-changing skincare brand had a return-on-ad-spend of $6.46:1 through Facebook Ads and $8.46:1 through Google Ads, and increased its percentage of total sales from paid ads to 37.5%.

  • 22% increase in overalrevenue
  • 52% increase in total web sessions
  • 37.5% total sales from paid ads

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