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Game-changing Skincare with an Ecommerce Presence to Match

01 CASE STUDY Overview

The Secret Skincare is shaking up the beauty industry with their prescription-only skincare range compounded specifically for you.

With regular features in the likes of Vogue, ELLE, and Grazia, it’s safe to say the word is out and The Secret are growing fast. The business knew it needed to reimagine its ecommerce experience as it sets its sights on rapid growth at home and abroad.

We partnered with The Secret Skincare to create a custom digital experience on Shopify that delivered immediate results and will support sustained future growth.


The Secret Skincare
Design, Website
Flat lay image of The Secret Skincare's UX website design.
02 The Challenge

Prescription skincare is not easily accessible for everyone. With long wait times and expensive consultation fees, the effort is sometimes not worth the result. The Secret simplifies the complexity of prescription skincare and makes it available to all. The challenge was developing a premium ecommerce experience that would enhance their bespoke formulations and support their outstanding results.

Mockup of The Secret Skincare's desktop and mobile website design.
03 Our Approach

Our goal was to create an online shopping experience that blends the feeling of shopping for premium cosmetics, with the personalisation expected of prescription skincare that’s made to order.

Doing so required us to reimagine the user experience, featuring a custom skin questionnaire that matches the in-clinic experience. The skin quiz representing the first step on one’s path to clear, confident skin. Upon completion of the skin quiz, users are presented with product recommendations based on each user’s needs.

This experience is supported by a new user interface and complete ecommerce shopping experience, using the latest Advanced Shopify.

The project resulted in The Secret launching an ecommerce presence that matched their luxe products and a website they’re truly proud of.

04 The Outcome
  • 40% site traffic
  • 17% organic revenue

The Secret skincare saw a 10% increase in the average order value and a 40% increase in traffic within the first three months of launch. The websites bounce rate saw a reduction of 14% and pages viewed per session increased by nearly 30%.

The new site has also helped The Secret’s organic search rankings, with the site seeing an 81% increase in organic traffic within the first three months, which has contributed to organic revenue growth of 17%.

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