5 Expert Tips to Help Improve Online Communication with Your Target Audience


Now more than ever, going that little bit further to communicate with your target audience is vital. With such tough restrictions during COVID-19 and uncertainty around when your next shipment will drop, or when trading will resume back to normal. It’s important to not lose sight of #1 People still want your product (or service) during this time and #2 We’re online more, now than ever!

So be proactive and start improving your online communication strategy today with these 5 expert tips!

#1 Have a Strategy

A strategy is an informed set of decisions about how to win. By taking the time to understand your business goals and audience’s needs, you’ll save time later by ensuring focus and a game plan.

Your strategy should cover what you want to achieve, how you know you’re achieving it, what your audience needs, and what activities you need to prioritise.

A strategy is all about measuring twice and cutting once.

#2 Up Your Social Media Game

If you’re posting once a month on social, ramp it up! There is no magic formula as to how often you should be posting on social media, but it sure isn’t once every 3 months when you remember!

Try and develop a social media plan, set out specific topics you want to cover over the next 3 -6 months, and put together a post schedule. This will help with the frequency and with keeping your content relevant and interesting. Preparing a few posts in advance can also help reduce the pressure of coming up with something at the last minute.

Encourage people to follow your social media channels on your website and email marketing blasts. You might even consider advertising on social media running brand awareness campaigns. This can help grow followers and drive more traffic to your website.

#3 Start Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of communication. Just think about it this way, you pay a lot of money to advertise on TV, radio or print and you have no control over who will see that content.  With email marketing you have complete control. You’re sending content to a list of people that have already opted in to engage with your brand. The best part is this can be further segmented.

Many of you might be thinking “I don’t have an email database to start with”. Give us a call and we can show you one quick hack that will start your email marketing strategy today!

#4 Produce Quality Content

Start producing content your target audience wants and needs. The best type of content is that which resonates well with your audience. Content should be relevant (to the audience), interesting and useful. As you start publishing more content, you can do more of what best resonates.

Try to produce blog posts based on offering a solution to your audience. A good place to start is frequently asked questions. If one customer has asked the question before, it’s more than likely a handful of others are waiting for the same answer as well. Focusing on your target audience wants and needs will help with creating future content.

#5 Respond to Comments

Following on from tip number #1 and #2, let’s say you’ve upped your social media game and started producing only quality content, you may begin to receive comments on social media. Communication is a two-way street and if someone has taken the time to leave a comment on your post, responding to them is the next step. Often, we see brands with multiple comments from followers, but no response from the brand. This can result in a negative experience for the user.   

With a simple, personalised reply, it can increase the chance of them continuing to further engage with your brand and convert on your website. Whether the conversion is to sign up to your email newsletter, book a consultation, or make a purchase.

If you need some help with kickstarting online communication strategy, give us a call today and we can discuss moving your brand to the next level! Phone us on 9368 0777 or contact us online.

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