Case Study / Naked Specs Website Launch

A Clear Perspective: The New Online Face of Naked Specs

01 CASE STUDY Overview

Naked Specs is a vibrant, family-owned optical business based in South Fremantle for people wanting a statement piece.

Owner Justine Levin has focused on offering the best possible eyewear and eyecare experience. One of the main objectives of this project was to facilitate the booking of eye tests and making appointments at their location.

In collaboration with Clue, Naked Specs aimed to build a unique, colourful, passionate, responsive, empathetic, and highly personalized website that reflected their brand ethos. The objective was not only making a statement online but also driving foot traffic to their physical location.

Naked Specs
UX & Lead Generation
02 The Challenge

Bringing the in-store experience to life online.

The challenge was multi-faceted: to encapsulate what Naked Specs "stands for" in an online platform focused on user experience, lead generation, and brand building. In this context, "stands for something" is not just a tagline. It's about establishing Naked Specs as a brand with a strong, clear identity and values that resonate with consumers. Beyond merely selling products, the challenge was conveying a message that people could relate to. Achieving this can help build trust, loyalty, and meaningful engagement online and in-store.

One of the primary objectives was to increase the number of eye test bookings and appointments made through the website. This dual focus—on brand identity and concrete business goals—required a balancing act to bring the trusted in-store customer service experience into the online realm, effectively extending the brand's reach and impact.

03 Our Approach

Setting the business ready for its next growth phase.

Our approach was consultative and collaborative, working closely with the client to craft a pixel-perfect site. Attention to information architecture, content richness, and design concepts was paramount. Graphic elements were thoughtfully incorporated to create a rich experience that captivates the user. The integration of videos played a crucial role in enhancing engagement, supported by using professional images laid out in a balanced design. All these elements were meticulously orchestrated to guide users toward booking eye tests, making appointments, and visiting the store in person.

04 The Outcome

Perth’s most talked-about eyewear boutique is positioned online!

Naked Specs' website successfully went live on the 18th of January 2023, marking a new chapter for the brand. Since the launch, the site has elevated its brand image and witnessed an increase in bookings and eye test inquiries. It's not just a website, it's a platform that Naked Specs can love and scale, truly resonating with the ethos of their brand.

From this point onwards, Naked Specs will continue inviting us all to “Not be shy and say hi,” featuring their eyewear collections, promoting eye health, and delivering an exceptional customer experience both online and in-store.

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