Case Study / Epihub

Using technology to transform WHS management.

01 CASE STUDY Overview

We helped Epigroup bring their idea for transforming WHS management to life.

Epigroup was founded with a mission to change the way industry thinks about work health and safety (WHS).  They had a big idea to transform WHS management. We were engaged to bring their big idea to life through development web-based WHS management system and website. It was a big job that’s helping achieve even bigger outcomes. 

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02 The Challenge

A big idea to make a big difference.

Big ideas are our specialty. Particularly those requiring a technical solution to real world challenges. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs Jake Cole and James Teakle from Epigroup knew there was an opportunity to transform WHS. The problem was neither had experience in custom software development. It was a match well made. 

The Epihub team had a clear vision for an application based WHS system that would keep business compliant and people safe. Our challenge was how to best bring this vision to life via a scalable SaaS platform.

03 Our Approach

It starts with discovery.

An endeavor of this size required a thorough discovery to define the project scope, mitigate risk and reduce development time and costs. 

Discovery involved close collaboration with Epigroup, using a strategic design process to understand the problem and audience before ideating solutions to prototype, test and iterate in readiness for launch. 

Discovery defined the following:

  • Key project objectives
  • Target markets
  • Key features and functionality 
  • Target market needs analysis 
  • Business modeling
  • Information and data structure 
  • Information Architecture (IA) 

On completion of discovery, we developed a working prototype to reveal what the final product would look like and what the WHS solution would be capable of.  We developed a website for Epihub to support the launch and scaling of the service.

04 The Outcome

Epihub quickly adopted by a number of companies within the resources sector.

Epi hub was successfully launched and was quickly adopted by a number of companies within the resources sector. The Epihub team are currently seeking investment for further development and to ready for global scaling. 

App features include:

  • Dashboard
  • Tasks
  • User management
  • Form builder
  • Actions
  • Analytics
  • Security
  • Registers
  • Events
  • Documents

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