Case Study / Copper and Oak

How online retailer increased revenue by 90%.

01 CASE STUDY Overview

Copper & Oak is an independent liquor store looking to grow their business online.

Copper & Oak is an independent liquor store located in Perth. Their goal was to increase revenue by improving accessibility to their products and accessing the national market. By investing in its digital commerce capability, including a new eCommerce website and digital marketing, Copper & Oak increased revenue by 90% in three months. 

  • 67%site traffic
  • 33%avg. order value
  • 90%revenue

Copper & Oak
Retail Liquor
Experiences, Marketing, eCommerce
02 The Challenge

Having an eCommerce store is just the start.

Copper & Oak owner Nelio Pestana had seen website traffic rising year on year and knew there was an opportunity to take his retail business online. The opportunity was there to gain a greater share of the local and national market. Taking advantage of the opportunity meant not just creating an eCommerce experience designed to convert, but ensuring it was integrated with internal processes, inventory management, and order fulfillment. 

“The website is an important part of our company’s growth. With Clue we can continue to enhance the user experience and continue to grow.”

Nelio Pestana

The challenge was how to quickly design and implement an eCommerce solution and customer experience that would keep customers coming back. But an eCommerce store was just the start. We also needed to make sure potential customers were aware of the website, which could only be acheived through digital marketing.   

03 Our Approach

We used eCommerce best practices to create an experience that converts.

We worked with Copper & Oak to develop a new online store. This includes user experience design and website development to enable the business to sell their specialist and craft products across Australia. Consideration needed to be given to not just the website experience but inventory management and the end-to-end fulfillment process. 

In addition, we developed and implemented a national digital marketing strategy and campaign, which was further supported by ongoing content production and search engine optimisations. The campaign helped to build visibility by capturing a share of impressions and driving traffic to the online store. 

04 The Outcome

"The website is an important part of the companies growth."

“What we first noticed was a higher level of visitors in March during a time of the year we usually would consider to be pretty flat. From there on out we have seen a steady growth month-on-month of new visitors,” said Nelio Pestana, Owner of Copper & Oak. 

  • 2,500 Orders
  • 3,400 Customers

"Over the last 3 months alone for organic data we have seen unique visitors increase by 67% along with a 52% increase in page views versus 2017. Conversions have gone up with a 91% growth in online transactions, and a 90% growth in online revenue. All of which can be directly attributed to the improved content.”

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