Case Study / Sommer Swim Website Relaunch

Elevated ecommerce for global swimwear label

01 CASE STUDY Overview

Sommer Swim is a global swimwear brand known by its elegant minimalism and understanding of luxury.

As a long-term strategic partner, we've had a front row seat to see Sommer Swim's rapid growth in major markets around the world.

This year the team felt like it's time to update the website design and shopping experience in the lead up to summer in the northern hemisphere.

Naturally our team jumped at the opportunity to update the experience based on four years of data and apply the latest ecommerce best-practices.

We're all pretty excited by the result.

Sommer Swim
02 The Challenge

Elevated, editorial, ecommerce

Sommer Swim is well known for its brand storytelling, with photo shoots in postcard-perfect destinations around the world.

Our brief was to design a site that highlight's the brand's iconic imagery taking design cues from leading fashion publications. At the same time, we saw an opportunity to elevate the ecommerce experience to better replicate the luxury shopping experience.

The challenge was striking the right balance between editorial storytelling and ecommerce user experience. We also needed to triplicate this across three domains in Australia, Europe, and the United States.

03 Our Approach

Art meets design

The Sommer Swim website was built on Shopify Plus. which provides customisable checkout, specialised apps, and better API resources.

The user interface design takes cues from leading fashion magazines, featuring plenty of white space, large images, bold typography, and playful composition throughout the site.

With regards to the shopping experience, the product pages were given a modern look, blending product and campaign imagery. Product pages also include a colour selector with improved up-sell capabilities. 

Having spoken to customers prior to starting the project, we knew that sizing was important. To help we developed an interactive fit-finder, which is a custom application that we also expect will reduce product returns.

04 The Outcome

Summer set

The website launched on 19 April 2023, right in time for the build-up to summer in the northern hemisphere.

We expect the new website to support continued sales growth and will update this case study with performance data in the next few months.

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