How to Import GA4 Conversions into Google Ads

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Shipping containers being imported like importing GA4 Conversions into Google Ads

Conversions are fundamental to better understanding the behaviour of your community.

Are they downloading your white paper?

How long before they stop reading your article?

Why are they abandoning carts?

Being able to determine what your desired conversions are allows you to coordinate time and effort. Connecting the two properties will allow you to import your predefined GA4 conversions into Google ads, giving you access to a new set of user data to optimise for.



Headline: With the shift from UA to GA4, you’ll need to link your new Google property to your ad account once more.

Highlight: Linking your GA4 property with an existing ad account will help you better optimise your Google ad campaigns.

Refresh on conversions: GA4 no longer uses the familiar goals format. Instead, an events-based format takes its place. This means more parameters, enhanced measurement and conversions that can be optimised for your google ad!

Enhance smart bidding: Linking the two properties and importing your desired conversions gives Smart Bidding access to data that can help optimise your bidding process.

Recommended action: Connect your GA4 property with Google ads as soon as possible. This will give you access to conversions across your website and app (if you have one). It will also be able to capture data from non-Google ad sources, providing a more holistic view of your traffic.


Not sure what the revamped GA4 conversions are? Start here, it’s really not that complicated!

If you’ve never used Google Analytics and Google Data Ads together before, this quick start guide will help get the ball rolling. This information can shed light on how much of your traffic or business comes from Google Ads and help you improve your ads and website.

In this video by Loves Data, you’ll get an in-depth walkthrough on how to link your Google Analytics 4 property with Google Ads.

This article is for advertisers who want to use conversion data from their Google Analytics 4 property in Google Ads for reporting or bidding purposes.

When it comes to analysing customer activity on your website, you can import your Google Analytics conversions into Google Ads and use Google Ads conversion tracking to measure the conversions. Google offers three features to help you, which you can use in any combination at the same time.

A great video by the team at Paid Media Pros, learn how to track URL-based and event conversions, how to link your GA4 property with Google Ads, and then how to import your GA4 conversions into Google Ads.

This article by the team at bounteous is an incredibly insightful read into importing GA4 conversions into google ads. There is also a step-by-step guide on how to link your GA4 property to your google ad account.

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